Monday, May 29, 2023
Monday, May 29, 2023

Climate Action Awareness Report 2022: Consumers are ready to take climate action and seek more transparency from company initiatives


Report unveils climate action readiness of almost 10,000 consumers in 10 countries Majority expect companies to take responsibility for the climate and are also willing to change their consumption habits Climate-friendly labels are key decision aids for consumption

Munich, 18 October 2022. Climate action continues to be very important to consumers, despite current economic and political uncertainties. For 75%, climate change is still a high or top priority. Around 60% want to make their purchases climate-friendly and therefore need transparent information. This has clear consequences for companies: Consumers expect them to take responsibility to help protect the climate and to communicate their climate action initiatives transparently.

These are the findings of the Climate Action Awareness Report 2022, conducted by the market research institute Appinio on behalf of ClimatePartner on June 22, 2022. Almost 10,000 people aged 14 and over in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA participated in the survey.

“The report sends a clear signal: Companies must take responsibility, implement climate action measures effectively, and communicate them transparently and clearly,” says Moritz Lehmkuhl, CEO and founder of ClimatePartner. “At the same time, the survey shows that climate-friendly products are desired. We see the results as confirmation to continue to consistently ensure credibility and trust in corporate climate action.”

More than three quarters find corporate climate action measures very important For those surveyed, companies have a particular responsibility when it comes to climate action. More than 75% feel it is very important for the industry to take action in this regard. In addition, climate labels are a helpful orientation. Across the surveyed countries, 60% consider labels very important when shopping. Spain had the highest result at 75%, and Sweden the lowest with 44%.

“Transparent and comprehensive information should therefore be standard for all climate labels,” adds Lehmkuhl.

Consumers generally trust the concept of carbon neutrality Consumers across all countries surveyed understand that products in a wide range of categories can be carbon neutral. 45% believe or even fully believe that food and beverages, for example, can follow this concept. In contrast, only a small minority (26%) do not follow this opinion. On a country level, 54% of consumers in Germany are generally more convinced than the international average, whereas consumers in the Netherlands are significantly less convinced at 34%.

Consumers are willing to take responsibility for the climate Consumers demand that companies take responsibility for climate action and apply this responsibility to themselves. When asked whether they would change previous habits to support climate action, the majority are prepared to adapt their current lifestyle. Over 40% are willing to give up travelling by plane, and 39% are willing to give up driving a petrol-using car. Here, Spain is again leading the ambition with almost 50% willing to give up their car. However, making changes to their nutrition is more challenging: Approximately 30% of respondents would give up meat or meat products but only 18% would give up dairy products.

Climate action transparency is key Overall, nearly 60% say clear and comprehensive information on the climate action measures of companies and their impact is important, with roughly 24% considering it a top priority when making purchase decisions. In Spain and Italy, it was even higher at 74% and 72% respectively.

Moritz Lehmkuhl adds: “Companies have to meet this expectation – and we want to help them do so. This includes expanding the transparency of climate action communication, which our label offers with its unique ID tracking.”

About ClimatePartner ClimatePartner is a leading solution provider for corporate climate action: We combine individual consulting with a cloud-based software that is unique on the market. We help our customers calculate and reduce carbon emissions and offset residual emissions. This renders products and companies carbon neutral, confirmed by our label.

ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006. Today, our more than 500 employees are spread across offices in Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Essen, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Munich (HQ), Paris, Stockholm, The Hague, Vienna and Zurich. We work with more than 5,000 companies in 60+ countries.


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